Office hours/Online appointments

Appointments can be scheduled during our office hours by phone (09132 - 5361) or by email (info(at) or you can easiliy arrange an appointment yourself 24h at this link online.

Important information for your appointment with us

If you are visiting us for the first time, you  can bring along these two forms which you can fill in in advance: the personal information form and your approval for billing you as a privately insured patient.
You are welcome to bring preliminary findings, doctor's letters, X-ray/MR images ...  with you. Since these may only be requested with your signature, we ask you to do this yourself before your appointment. You will avoid waiting times and can use this request form for this purpose.
Joint injections: Do you have a cold, fever or are you taking antibiotics? Then please make an appointment first if you are free of infection
Planned bandages (e.g. zinc paste bandage) on foot, knee, elbow joint: Please ensure that shoes, trousers and outer clothing are sufficiently wide.
Cancellation of appointments: If you are prevented from attending, please cancel agreed consultation and treatment appointments in good time (at least 24 hours in advance) so that the appointment can be rescheduled.
Unable to drive: Please do not drive a vehicle if you are given an injection or painkiller/anaesthetic. Please let yourself be driven if necessary. Our practice team will be happy to assist you during the following office hours. Even if it is urgent or an emergency please call us by phone (09132 - 5361) for an appointment.

  8.30 - 11.00  &  14.00 - 16.30 
  8.30 - 11.00  &  14.00 - 16.30 
  8.30 - 11.00
  8.30 - 11.00  &  14.00 - 16.30 
  8.30 - 11.00

For requests for prescriptions or referrals you can also contact us by fax or email.

Fax:      09132 - 737924
Email:   info(at)


Appointments with the online appointment booking system Betty24

Participation in the electronic booking system is of course voluntary and can be revoked at any time. In detail the following of your personal data will be stored: Surname, first name, date of birth, possibly telephone number and e-mail address (please provide us with these to facilitate further communication!) This data is encrypted and protected to the best security standard. They cannot be accessed by third parties and are used exclusively for the purposes mentioned above. You have the right to object to the use of your above-mentioned data in the appointment system at any time.
In order to use the independent online appointment booking system, you must register once at and can then book appointments conveniently from home in the future and cancel them in the medium term, have appointments reminded automatically, order follow-up prescriptions and follow-up work incapacity certificates and much more. Just give it a try yourself, you will see how easy booking a doctor's appointment can be!
Betty24 on Youtube:

Please note, that our email service is secure and encrypted.

Arranging appointments

  09132 - 5361

  09132 - 737924

Location and Parking


Mon/Tue/Thu    8:30 - 11:00
                          14:00 - 16:30
Wed/Fri              8:30 - 11:00
Please call for an appointment

Location and Parking