Information for self-paying patients and patients covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI)

As our office is a private practice, we are not entitled to invoice our services to the Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI). Non-private and CHI-patients are always welcome at our office as self-paying patients.

A rather large number of CHI-patients has consulted our private practice for years. These patients have taken advantage of the fact that we have by far more time available for an extensive and thorough examination and detailed counselling. In most cases you can arrange appointments at very short notice and waiting time is generally minimal.

Should you have any medical reports, X-ray images or MR results on your orthopaedic condition, please bring them along on your first visit.

We generally charge moderate fee rates in accordance with the Medical Fee Schedule for physicians.

Depending on the extent and duration, a simple consultation and orthopaedic examination without any additional services usually costs between €30-40.

Should an additional neurological examination with reflex status become necessary, we would invoice you for an extra amount of €22.

For 2 low-radiation digital X-rays, you must expect to pay about €20-45, depending on the size, joint, spinal segment or difficulty according to the medical fee schedule:
Finger in 2 layers: 18.89€, wrist in 2 layers: 23.08€,  forearm/lower leg/knee in 2 levels: 37.77€, pelvis: 31.48€, lumbar spine in 2 layers: 41.97€.

Of course, you can take the X-ray images with you as a paper printout or photograph them in good quality from our large monitors with your own mobile phone. If you wish, you can also receive a CD (5,-€).

Ultrasound examination of a joint and of a particular tissue structure is about €25-35.

Shockwave therapy can cost around 40-90€ per treatment, depending on the use of radial, focused, planar or triggered shockwaves, duration and combinations of individual procedures.

A triple bone densitometry of the hip and lumbar spine without consultation or physical examination costs around 40 €. In the case of an additional consultation or a simple examination, depending on the complexity and duration, there would usually be additional costs of around €17 in each case.

For a written report or doctor's letter we charge depending on the extent between €10-25 plus postage.

If requested, we can offer you a wide range of services, investigations and treatments alike. As far as costs are concerned, we can give you an estimate in advance.
Of course, we will also advise you on the treatment options covered by the statutory health insurance funds, provide prescription suggestions and advise you on non-budgeted measures such as rehabilitation sports or functional training, which not everyone is familiar with.

Please let us know if you require further information.

Appointments can be scheduled during our office hours by phone (09132 - 5361) or by email (info(at) or you can easiliy arrange an appointment yourself 24h at this link online.

On your first appointment you can bring along these two forms which you can fill in in advance: the personal information form and your approval for billing you as a privately insured patient.

Go ahead and benefit from all the advantages of a privately insured patient.

Your health should be worth it.

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