Sports medicine

Sports medicine comprises theoretical and practical basic principles which analyse the impact of motion, training, sports as well as the lack of physical exercise on both healthy and ill people of all age groups. The aim of all these examinations is prevention and to make therapy and rehabilitation available for those who work out.

Sports medicine investigates the relevance of physical exercise for health and physical fitness on the one hand and treatment of injuries which occur due to overexercise and external influences on the body on the other hand.

In Germany, sports medicine is taught as a comprehensive interdisciplinary medical postgraduate specialization.

Besides treating your acute and chronic sport injuries, we would be happy to be give you advice if you would like to resume the kind of sport you previously enjoyed or if you would like to create the basis for a new kind of sport. 

New therapy: Hyaluronic acid injections for tendon conditions

Fermentative hyaluronic acid injections are now available and can be used instead of cortisone. They are administered for pain management and in case of restricted mobility due to tendon conditions.