Pulsed cupping

Cupping as a natural treatment has successfully been applied for thousands of years. It directly affects the self regulation of the human body with the aim of enhancing support against various pains and illnesses.

Owing to the rapid medical and pharmalogic development, cupping unfortunately sank into oblivion.

In the past, physicians used pots made of clay or bamboo which were heated over a flame. Later they used glass cups. Today, however, cupping is supported by modern technology. Pulsed cupping is a form of movement without any physical stress.

By means of a regulated vacuum, the vasculatures are opened and the soft pulsation stimulates the lymphatic and blood circulation, metabolsm is boosted and nutrient supply of the tissues is enhanced.

Through this, cell activity can be stimulated and the immune system can benefit as well.

Cupping provides help in case of muscle tension, back problems, arthrosis pain, and a number of other types of pain.

 Dr. med. Martin Böhringer Facharzt für Orthopädie - 91074 Herzogenaurach

New studies on cupping for knee joint osteoarthritis

The Charité Hospital in Berlin published a very promising research study on the use of pulsed cupping for knee joint osteoarhtritis.
This study is the first of its kind and very important for this modern cupping therapy. In our practice, we perform this method with exactly the same HeV-Tech-device.

You can find an article of the Carstens-Stiftung at the following link:
Please find the original publication at this link: www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6882/12/184