Symptoms of B vitamin deficiency

  • General symptoms:
    Inflammation of the tongue (reddened and sore tongue), indigestion and stomach ache

  • Anaemia:
    Fatigue, poor concentration, reduced efficiency, fast heart pulse rate (periods of irregular and/or heavy heart beat), paleness, and tendency to collapse as a result of reduced haemoglobin.

  • Neurological symptoms:
    Subjective discomfort or numbness on the skin (tingling, numb feeling), neuropathy, difficulty walking properly (staggering), motor deficiencies such as impaired coordination/balance and, in rare cases, paralysis. 

  • Symptoms of mental health disorders:
    Focus and concentration problems, forgetfulness and poor memory, irritability, mental confusion or even symptoms of dementia, and depression. 

In some patients, symptoms of mental and neurological disorders are the first signs of a vitamin B deficiency.