B Vitamin injections

Exhaustion, fatigue over a longer period of time, loss of energy and vitality and periods of weakness after illnesses, operations or times of acute pain. All of these frequently result from or are accompanied by deficiency symptoms and can be treated with appropriate vitamin B injections.

Nearly one in four persons from the age of 40 years and plus has an insufficient amount of B-vitamins in their cells, even if the blood test results are normal. Deficiency in vitamins B1, B6, folic acid and B12 cannot be supplemented by food intake or tablets alone. This is in particular the case if absorption ability of vitamin B12 is disturbed as a result of reduced or complete lack of production of an additionally required binding protein in the stomach.

A long lasting deficiency in B Vitamin can lead to severe neurological and haematological diseases.

Injections with the vitamin B complex are administered directly into the gluteal muscle providing an instant energy boost and increased physical strength. Generally, eight to ten injections are administered, usually two per week, and only in cases of extreme exhaustion more can be given at the beginning of the treatment. 

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