Chiropractic and manual medicine

are well-established and well-proven treatment techniques. Even Hippocrates claimed that a dislocated vertebra has to be adjusted.

In the field of chiropractic and manual medicine reversible functional disorders of the spinal column or blocked joints are treated by using only the hands (“Chiros”: hand).

To treat a blocked vertebra, the most efficient method is to get rid of the source of pain itself by adjusting the joint gently by hand. Joints with restricted mobility can either be treated by manipulation or mobilisation. When mobilising a joint, the blockage is relieved with gentle and frequently repeated stretching movements. The manipulative method, however, can often lead to an immediate and complete restoration of mobility only by means of a very quick hand movement with little pressure. 

Unfortunately, there are still prejudices and misconceptions regarding chiropractic. Mostly it is overlooked that meanwhile this therapy is scientifically well established and differs considerably from previously applied therapies. As modern chiropractic medicine has been significantly improved and optimized over the past decades, it is now one of the most gently applied medical treatments. However, for a very short period of time the patients sometimes complain about intensified pain which is caused by irritation of the treated joint capsule. Complete recovery can take a few days. If this is the case, the chiropractic treatment should be combined with other therapies such as infiltrative, physical therapies or medication and preferably heat treatment.

Before applying chiropractic therapy, an x-ray is mandatory in order to exclude other causes. Thus, risks or complications can be averted. In very rare cases, when adjusting the cervical spine, serious circulatory disorder up to paralysis (similar to a stroke) has been observed. Yet, in these rare cases it turned out afterwards that the real cause was a disease (bone metastases or an anomaly of cervical vasculature) that had already existed before and had not been diagnosed. This can cause severe headache and neck pain, paralysis or even a stroke immediately or shortly afterwards. Then the blame is wrongfully put on the chiropractor or the osteopath who – in such cases – is unfortunately unable to help the patient.

Should there be any concerns or even objections towards adjusting, please let us know to enable us to find alternative therapies. 

Dr. med. Martin Böhringer Facharzt für Orthopädie - 91074 Herzogenaurach
Dr. med. Martin Böhringer Facharzt für Orthopädie - 91074 Herzogenaurach