Homeosiniatric acupuncture

Homeosiniatric acupuncture is a new type of therapy which combines homeopathy with acupuncture. The word homesiniatry comes from 'homeo', denoting homepathy and 'sinatry', denoting sinology or the study of Chines culture. Homeosinatry allows combination of ancient knowledge about biologically active points and modern knowledge of homeopathic medicine.

Homeosinatry is a new therapy consisting of the use of homoepathic products and the stimulation of acupu-points via injection. These injections are directly given into the acu-points. Upon application, this therapy stimulates your own body's healing mechanisms, speeding up the process of injury recovery and repair. It can also be used effectively for pain relief. This technique offers new possibilities to help patients where other measures have not produced the expected effect.

Homeosinatry can complement other therapies or can be used on its own, depending on the type of condition. This treatment is an effective therapy that is generally very well-tolerated and safe when administered by a well-trained therapist.    
Dr. med. Martin Böhringer Facharzt für Orthopädie - 91074 Herzogenaurach